Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I bring?
You will be provided with an equipment list.

What is the weather like in Glacier Bay?
The weather in the summer averages 65 degrees during the day, but it is not uncommon to experience mid 70’s with low 50’s at night.

How much does the trip cost and what is included?
The trip cost $1500 per person – not including airfare. The cost includes a 10 day kayak rental, ship pick-up on day ten, and a day-long cruise aboard a ship to Glacier Bay’s West Arm.

Should I be concerned about bears?
You will have an orientation / training with park rangers on “bear etiquette” and how to safely deal with the local wildlife.

Can I catch fish?
Some part of every day will include fishing for 5 species of salmon, Dolly Varden, rainbow and cutthroat trout.

What is the travel time?
Approximately 9 hours, usually with a layover in Seattle.

Do I need experience?
None at all. I pace the trip for all levels of experience and ability.

Will I have cell phone service?
Yes, for the first 3 days and the last 2 days. No service for the 10 days in the backcountry while kayaking.

How much am I able to pack in the kayak?
You can bring food for 10 days, mountain stove/fuel, tent, sleeping bag, change of clothing, dry bags, bear canisters, towel, hat, sun block, camera and fishing pole.