Guided Trips

Glacier Bear AdventuresSo you’ve finally decided to book a trip to Alaska, but you don’t know where to begin. You want to make the most of it by hiring an outfitter or guide, but what’s the first step? Who should you hire? Why should you travel with a guided group?

We’ll answer these questions and try to give you all the information you need to help protect yourself by hiring the right guide and to maximize your trip and your hard-earned dollars. Many of the suggestions I will give you are based on the knowledge I’ve learned from my experiences as an avid hiker, teacher and wilderness guide.

Why Should I Travel With a Guide?

A guide is someone who has extensive experience and passion for the area. You will see Alaska’s awesome scenery, abundant wildlife and pristine wilderness. This experience is very safe, but exciting for everyone.

Are There Any Financial Benefits to Traveling with a Group?

Yes there are a couple of benefits. If you book a trip with Glacier Bear with a group of six of more you will save $200.00 per person. The other benefit of traveling in a group of seven or more is that there is a airfare group-rate discount with Alaska Airlines.

Where Can I Find A Supplies and Equipment List?

One will be provided to you. Please see our Glacier Bear National Park Trip page by clicking here

What Should I Tell My Guide?

Your guide should know of any allergies (food or environmental) and health issues. As your guide I must know of any heath related issues that could impact you. The remoteness of certain areas may prohibit immediate medical attention if required.