My experience in Glacier Bay Alaska was certainly a memorable one! Glacier Bay has so much to offer; its breathtaking landscapes and miraculous wildlife that both enchants and enthralls every part of your body and mind. There is so much to learn and encounter while staying in such a remote and gorgeous area. My trip guide, Brian White, especially helped with my first encounter with Alaska’s vast and beautiful terrain. He was not only experienced and knowledgeable about the rugged Alaskan wilderness but also an amazing person to learn from and share such remarkable memories with! I would not have wanted to take part in this experience with anyone else besides Brian. He taught me how to love camping and appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us all.

—Keelyanne Hyland

Brian is a well traveled natural leader. It takes guts bringing a group of 16-19 year old kids into quite literally the middle of nowhere on a number of occasions. Writing about the adventure itself into Alaska could never really do it justice, it was one of those experiences that you can’t really describe to someone that isn’t in on the secret. The wilderness was vast and the beauty was unmatched. The line between black bear and grizzly country near Beartrack Cove could almost be written on the map. And I’ll never forget when a bald eagle scooped an arctic char out of the water no more than 10 feet from my kayak. Glacier Bay is one of those places on a plane of its own. Knowing his expertise leading expeditions all over the map, at no point did I feel like we were in danger or we had gone in over our heads.

—Cody Chirichiello

In the summer of 2010, I had the good fortune to accompany Brian on a trip to Glacier Bay National Park. That trip was the most incredible vacation I have ever taken and was truly a life altering experience. Since then, I have been hooked on the pursuit of remote wilderness areas, and have spent many days and nights backpacking in some spectacular environments.

On our trip with Brian, we saw whales and porpoises, a variety of birds (including many bald eagles and local hummingbirds), and I’d say we saw at least one bear for every two days spent in the backcountry. Everywhere we camped, we were able to feast on wild strawberries while enjoying breathtaking views all around us. Nowhere else have I seen an ecosystem intact. There are very few people as capable as B-White when it comes to leading groups into Glacier Bay. Few could claim to be as familiar with the Glacier Bay back country as Brian. Having organized several less ambitious trips myself, I am very impressed at Brian coordinating such an adventurous and enjoyable expedition; everything from the flight, to ground transportation, to kayak rentals, and ensuring that each individual was properly equipped was handled expertly.

Brian is familiar with the hazards of the park and how to avoid them, and he did an excellent job preparing each member of our group for a safe expedition.

—Alex MacLeod

Brian has created a service which will allow people to immerse themselves into the ever-so-healing wilderness. It’s not hard to imagine truly finding oneself among the towering Sitka spruce and the crystal clear depths of the bay. That is what happened to me. I’d been needing clarity and a change of perspective. It was in coming to Glacier Bay that I was finally able to find what I’d been looking for. On that trip I experienced something enormous. As my eyes drifted over the mountains and treetops, and as the kayak drifted over the icy waters, I knew that I had found myself. I was at peace. I’d found new strength, both physical and mental. I made new friends and tried new things. In short, Alaska opened my heart and my mind. It has been a year and some months since that trip, and I always dream of my return to Glacier Bay. Brian is an individual who has committed a vast amount of time to expeditions in Alaska and elsewhere, and I have confidence that he will lead many groups of inspired people into Glacier Bay. The individuals you lead into the bay may leave with a new outlook and appreciation for nature and the Alaskan wilderness.

—Alix Young

There is no other person that I would want leading me into the Alaskan Wilderness than Brian White. Brian’s vast knowledge of Alaska comes from countless trips were he has led people into the Wilds of the last frontier. He has been on eighteen different expeditions each consisting of 15 days in the woods. These expeditions were to Alaska, the Arctic Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Eight of those trips were sea-kayaking in Glacier Bay. Brian is a very competent and reliable guide that can give you the safest and most memorable trip to Alaska that you could ever imagine.

—Michael Czarnecki